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All written by Michaela Zee

§ I yearn for that temporary death. Only then can I realize the true importance of existence.

§ Man looks at the world in black and white. He creates devices to see the world in color once again– to feel happy. The child next to him, however, is able to only see a colored world. Man envies the child; He knows he will never regain those colors.

§ They reach out, you push away. Once you are alone, you reel them in. Man believes that mattering can make us blind, and yet we are truly blind to what matters.

§ Look at yourself. Dirt, blemishes, misshapes– you think you are in a fun house. You beg others for help. Why do you look like this? What is happening to you? They all stare at you in confusion, until one individual finally approaches you. ‘What are you looking at? There is nothing there.’

§ The cherubic child is flying, reaching for something only he can see. A pair of weights attach themselves to the child’s ankles– he falls to the floor. That thing he once saw dissipates, never to be seen again. The now-solemn child drags his feet. This is the end of adolescence.

§ Pain can silence our spirit, but isn’t silence itself more excruciating than pain? That is the eternal question of man’s suffering.

§ Man has become so corrupt, sins had to be re-updated.

§ There are two apples on the table: one is crystal and the other is normal. The crystal apple is the epitome of beauty and riches, but it is hollow. The normal apple is simply a dull piece of fruit, but contains vital nutrients. Which would you choose?

§ The slate is clean. Make everything opposite of what they initially were– logic becomes passion and passion becomes logic. Reverse it all and let us see what happens.

§ Man’s sacrifice. Shove others out of the vessel, or jump.

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