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Dear Xenophobic and Racist New Yorkers

Uttering the word "virus" towards me as we briefly cross paths on the sidewalk is the epitome of xenophobia. How dare you accuse an individual based on their appearance that they are a mobile disease. Is it wrong of me to sniffle in thirty degree weather? My bad that a mere cough is an automatic diagnosis of the coronavirus to you.

Over the phone, my mom informed me that KLM Airlines posted a note stating, "Lavatory for crew members only," written in Korean. Just Korean.

A fellow student recently posted on social media that she was assaulted by a man in Union Square who yelled "...don't you go outside Asian virus...bitch." This act is a hate crime. Period.

While the news of the coronavirus is daunting, that is no excuse to bombard another race with racial slurs and xenophobic remarks. We are not a virus. You racists are the ailment plagued with revulsion. If any notion within that dimwitted head of yours believes that Asian people are an infection or that karma is in pursuit because we eat "exotic" animals, go get your fucking morals checked.

Baffled and repulsed,


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