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In response to The Invisible Committee

“Freedom isn’t the act of shedding our attachments, but the practical capacity to work on them, to move around in their space, to form or dissolve them”

Freedom allows us to maneuver around our attachments, not relinquish them. There is a reason these ideas are labelled as “attachments”–they cling to us; Even if we do cut them off, the lingering sensation still remains. With freedom, however, it can either be a temporary release or a state that makes us believe we are in control. It offers one thing most of us crave: time. Sometimes these attachments become quite overwhelming to the point of this sense of suffocation; The body is mentally drained or breaking down. Science states that humans are not capable of multi-tasking, and yet society/life throws so much shit at us that we are forced to do something that is technically the impossible. We need that brief release to keep us sane; We all know that we can never escape our attachments.

“Everyone can testify to the rations of sadness condensed from year to year in family gatherings, the forced smiles, the awkwardness of seeing everyone pretending in vain, the feeling that a corpse is lying there on the table, and everyone acting as though it were nothing”

This epitomizes every social gathering–primarily in regards to a celebration–that I’ve experienced. The social norm at group events is to suppress your emotions–to plaster that fake smile. Society would rather you create an artificial state of happiness than reveal your true emotions. We are hysterical or insane if we do so. The awkward tension in the room is caused by false emotions and contained “insanity.” Not to mention that dread we all have towards the question: “So how is everything?” Our family and friends are not our therapists–they typically do not want to hear the truth at any public gathering. So we muster that simple “it’s fine” that lies on the surface of all our issues and anger buried underneath it. Of course, this does not always occur within every situation; We can actually be fine. But in any case, stress and sadness must always be avoided.

“But once the romantic high has passed, ‘intimacy’ strips itself bare: it is itself a social invention, it speaks the language of glamour magazines and psychology; like everything else, it is bolstered with so many strategies to the point of nausea”

Romance and intimacy is bliss–it is a form of companionship that appears unique compared to other societal interactions. In its early stages, everything seems easy; It’s one of the best highs. In the end though, it takes just as much effort like the rest of them. Intimacy may feel even worse at times. It is like a drug–once you are deprived of it, you suffer withdrawal symptoms and crave that next high/happiness. The loss of intimacy takes both a physical and emotional toll on us humans. It is often painful to endure, and the waiting time of finding the next romance remains unanswered. But we allow ourselves to undergo this cycle anyways. We will always remain hungry for more.

All quotes are from The Invisible Committee

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