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"It's Just Sex"

In response to "First Date" from Master of None

Sex in our current culture is mainly a recreational activity. We aspire for the physical elements rather than wait to find someone to share an emotional connection with. I personally do not believe that when you have sex for the first time, you are “losing" something (i.e. your virginity), but rather you are gaining a new experience. However, there is an apparent trend within modern society of casual hook-ups and the ongoing urge to fuck without attachments. Similar to fast fashion, this is fast fucking: choosing a low-quality hook-up that is easily disposed of the next day.

Although many are bound to have meaningless sex throughout their lives, that sublime opportunity for legitimate companionship will always remain as well. We all crave it at some point. It is unfortunate though that ghosting or “just looking to fuck” are two things we need to confront/face, but it is still worth finding someone who will make you happy, not just satisfied. The majority of my past relations were just casual, and it does become tiresome when you know there are no genuine feelings involved–only artificial. I am not completely against casual hook-ups, but I often detest those who simply do it just to increase their numbers or think of sex as a game/competition. It amazes me to think that millennials are still so young, and yet most of us want to fuck so badly that we are willing to go on these supposed "dating" apps just for a one-night stand. Even though the media often shows adults putting themselves through this loop of swiping, matching, fucking, then swiping again, people even younger than them are following the same pattern. Is making love and fucking no longer distinguishable?

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